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Mike and Sandy have been busy raising a toddler (an adventure of an entirely different manner!)



Michael has been diving and surveying in 

Phantom Cave, Texas 


Santa Rosa, New Mexico  


Curt Bowen's Advanced Diver Magazine.



Saturday April 6th 2013 Sandy was at the 

Ocala Main Library's Book Feast

She will be happy to sell and sign books 

and talk to readers and authors about their literary interests and pursuits!


Wednesday morning March 27th at 9AM, 2013

on WOCA 96.7FM / 1370AM (Ocala, FL)

 Sandy's live on-air interview

Watch the interview on YouTube!


August 2011


A Field Guide to the Critters of Florida's Springs

published by the 

National Speleological Society


This comprehensive hand-illustrated guide describes the inhabitants of 

Florida's spring runs, springs and caves.

A must-have for anyone who loves Florida  

and desires to learn more about the critters

who share Florida's springs.



MudBug History



Stirrups n' Strides

Program for fundraising and promotional purposes

of a remarkable therapeutic riding program in Citra, Florida.   



Marion Therapeutic Riding Association, Inc.

Editing of program for fundraising and promotional purposes.



 Tiger Aspect Productions, London, England

 Talent for episodes of upcoming series tentatively titled Ultimate Blunders.

Shot on location in and around Ocala, Florida.


 Tower's Productions, Chicago, Illinois

Associate field production on episode of OLN's Outdoors Investigations

shot in north central Florida cave country.


Pixnat, Quebec, Canada

Talent, safety diver and guide for UW videographer Nathalie Lasselin.

Facing Darkness


O'Leno State Park, High Springs, Florida

Mystery of River Rise underwater cave system documentary.


Ichetucknee Springs State Park, White Springs, Florida

Documentary programming for visitors to the Ichetucknee Springs Welcome Center.


Private client, Georgia

Children's program for middle school geography lesson.

Showing cave divers in the Peacock Springs system, water sampling and basin fauna.


Peacock Springs State Park, Luraville, Florida

Underwater documentaries and media design services for park kiosk.


Project History



Crystal Beach revisited

cave diving video

Join us on a fascinating journey with the team of underwater cave explorers

as they describe their experiences exploring this unique Gulf coast cave system. From the no-mount restricted entrance, through gorgeous scooter-sized passages to the mysterious and living Dragon's Lair.


Starring Brett Hemphill, Michael Poucher and Rudy Sturm.

Underwater footage by Brett Hemphill, aerial footage by Rudy Sturm.

Funded in part by the Florida Wildlife Federation



Crystal Beach revisited, 30 minutes

Short program, 6 minutes 

Crash, Croak, Clear, 2 min. 30 seconds



Off the Beaten Path!

Underwater cave systems rarely seen! Four short programs to tantalize the explorer's heart:

Briland's Blue Hole, exploration diving in the Caribbean, 5 minute

Crystal Beach, the Florida Gulf coast's own blue hole, 6 minutes

Harvey's Cave, curious, a fascinating visual cave, 4 minutes

Suwannee Blue, short dive, short video, 3 minutes

Available by special request only.



Springs of North Florida

a DVD featuring 3 mini-documentary programs:

Troy Spring and Peacock Springs

An introducing to Troy Spring and the world-famous Peacock Springs.

Rose Sink

Discover what residents and divers have long suspected

about this serene sinkhole pond.

The Mystery of River Rise

Where does the extra water come from?

Journey to an adventure of a lifetime. Featuring O'Leno State Park.



Ichetucknee Springs State Park Welcome Center

MudBug Productions is proud to be a part of the Welcome Center with our programs, Mystery of River Rise, Rose Sink, and

   Troy Spring and Peacock Spring, introducing visitors to the incredible underwater cave features of Florida .

Gorgeous footage of the large clear passages that make Peacock Springs the premiere world-class cave diving destination, and

    Rose Sink, the story of a sinkhole connected via underground conduits to Ichetucknee Springs, more than five miles away!

Programs compiled into the Springs of North Florida DVD.



Mystery of River Rise

This award-winning program takes a tour of North Florida's O'Leno State Park,

from the earliest human settlement to the present,

exposing the incredible, dangerous and extensive

underwater cave system beneath the land.

O'Leno Team Reports




White Ring Blue Hole

A 1999 Explorer's Club Caribbean expedition led by inventor and world-class

explorer Tom Turner, resulted in this program showing

the world of a Caribbean Blue Hole and the variety of life found

in the fascinating cave system.

Expedition Report




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