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Mike working on the newest map of the Manatee Springs cave system 2008. Digital. Gorgeous underwater cave walls. Digital. More distinctive underwater cave wall features. Digital. Influenced by Italian hospitality on a visit to Florence, Italy,  Mike and I tried making our own lemoncello. Mike overfilled this bottle of our second batch and handled it with his usual style! 2008 Digital

Cenote Zaci (Cave of Swallows).


Michael and April at Coba 2008.


Storm clouds over the Observatory 2008. Digital.

Blue Door.

A palapa near Tulum, Mexico. 


Beautiful Colorado. 35mm Indian Paintbrush. 35mm Mountain view. 35mm Alpine flower. 35mm
Gorgeous hibiscus in Key Largo. Digital. Wild azaleas in Florida. Digital. Wasp on sparkleberry flowers. Digital.

Our grapevine 2008


Beautiful heron on the Rainbow River. Digital.

Idyllic Pond.

O'leno State Park.


Yellow-bellied slider on the Rainbow River. Digital.

Julia in the Live Oak.

This photograph captures

the essence of  a "Florida girl."

35 mm

Missed. 35mm.

Artist as Tourist. 35mm.

(Artist is  James Langston.)

My little sister Heather. 35mm.

Morning bath. 

Yup, that's Mike at the Rainbow River.


Self-portrait for Media Resume 

(hey, it got me several jobs!)  Digital.

Joshua in the discovery room at Homossassa Springs State Park. 35mm


This gentleman was unable to go on a ride at this theme park due to being in a wheelchair - totally unfair. 35 mm.

 Michael with a very happy Bear-dog. 


Photography has fascinated me my entire life. 

My Dad, James Langston, was a professional photographer and my Mom, who is known as George (after George Harrison of the Beatles) 

was an occasional model and now pursues photography as well. 

Between the two, I learned the technical aspects of composition and developed an eye for the beautiful in everyday things. 

As a student at Florida State University I was able to indulge my interests, spending many hours in the photography lab. 


Photography runs in the family - my Grandfather Pierce Legare Wiggin was a photographer and writer for the Air Force 

and my Aunt Tina Manley is a professional photographer as is her youngest daughter Laura Manley.


I have moved away from photography as an all-consuming pursuit but continue to enjoy photography 

and the photographers who share our world through their lens.


Last updated October 2009

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