Suwannee Blue


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Suwannee Blue is a shallow, sidemount cave located on the Suwannee River.  It features several connecting sinkholes that are all located on private property.  Flow can be challenging here and one my first experiences here was a free dive to look at the syphon side of one of the sinks.  The current caught me and began pulling me into the cave.  Lucky for me, I grabbed a limestone ledge and was able to pull myself back into the basin.  Otherwise, I'm not sure I could have swam back out against the flow.


The cave was mapped and video shot one weekend by Brett Hemphill, Jerry Murphy, and myself.  Because of the shallow depths, we were able to map the cave in one, three and a half hour dive.

Videos of this crystal clear, super small cave system are available

at Bill Rennaker's Cave Excursions in Mayo, FL

and MudBug Productions (tel 352-840-0167).

An 8.5 x 11 copy of the map above accompanies the video program.